Emergency & Urgent Care Status

We're Open

It’s a stressful time. Any trip to the vet can be stressful but the pandemic makes it even harder for all of us. Not talking face-to-face makes communication much harder.

  • Please be patient- We are doing the best we can to do what the patient needs.
  • Please be kind- We will be respectful of your needs and desires, please do the same for our team.
  • Any abusive language or behaviors are not acceptable and will end our ability to care for your pet.
  • We cannot guarantee the return of any personal items, please keep them with you.

Caseload Increases

Across the country, veterinary clinics are seeing a massive surge in cases. You may be here because your regular vet was not able to get you in. We’ll do what we can but can’t do everything for everybody.

  • We may only be able to determine that your pet is stable and refer you to your regular vet.
  • You may need to drop off or wait a very long time while we care for critically ill or dying patients.

Things to Know

  • Masks are required.
  • There may be long waits.
  • Please remain in your car.
  • We are here for your pets.
  • Please remain kind

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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For contact info & statuses on regional ER hospitals

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What are our different ER Statuses, and what do they mean?

ER Status: Open

The Emergency & Urgent Care service is accepting critical, urgent, and non-urgent patients.

ER Status: Outpatient Only

This means we are only able to see outpatient cases that can be discharged later today. At this time we do not have the staffing or capacity to hospitalize additional patients.

ER Status: Critical Only

We are only seeing pets with critical, life-threatening conditions. If you think your pet is having a ​life-threatening emergency​, contact us immediately. If your pet has a serious condition we will make recommendation and help provide care. If your pet is ​currently​ stable, ​we may need to refer you elsewhere for the care they need.

ER Status: At Capacity

While at capacity, we will not have space or staffing to see any more patients. While we understand that your pet is in need of assistance, we sadly are not physically able to give them the ​care that they deserve​. We will connect you with other local Emergency & Urgent Care facilities that have the capacity to see your pet.

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